Membership choices
with an annual joining fee of £25 for all regular memberships

Adults (aged 17 plus) - £60 p.m.
Youth (young person aged 10-16) - £50 p.m.
Children (aged 3-9) - £50 p.m.
Enjoy full access to the gym and classes six days a week at no extra cost with your full membership.(ADULTS ONLY)

There is ONE MONTH notice for cancelling your membership.

Under no circumstances will there be any refund on membership fees.

Annual membership fee is valid as long you are training and paying your monthly fee.

Any distribution on your monthly fee over 28 days, you have to pay the Annual fee again.

Membership fees will be taken on the 1st of every month.
Grading, personal training, food, refreshments and apparel is charged additional to your monthly membership.