Meet the team here at Supreme

Head coach - Fash Ostowar

Fash has been training in martial arts for over 40 years, with a wealth of fighting and technical experience you're in safe hands.

Fash is a 5th dan blackbelt in kickboxing and 2nd dan in brazilian jujistiu. He is also a national level UK boxing coach and a qualified insanity training instructor.

Dan Wills - Coach
Dan has been Fash's right hand man since day one.
Dan's technical approach to teaching will help you perfect your form and improve your fighting IQ.
A 3rd dan black belt in kick boxing and former light contact champ, means you'll be put through your paces when it comes to sparring.

Steve - Coach
Steve is our hard hitting regular and with his firm approach to sparring and fitness will whip you into shape.

G- Assistant coach
Big G, always on hand to help improve your skills

Kai - Assistant coach
One of our black belt young guns

Alfie - Assistant coach

One of our black belt young guns